We are the pioneers, the innovators of the European South-Eastern rail industry.

About us

Our people vouch for the performance and sustained growth reflecting our entire activity. For the past 20 years, we have been building the largest group of Romanian owned private rail and logistics companies in South-Eastern Europe. A railway career comes with risks and responsibilities, while success is conditioned by perseverance, involvement and discipline.


Through our member companies, we attract, recruit and develop employees with the ability, commitment and ambition to succeed in a results-driven business.
We invest in their professional training and development, supporting them to achieve maximum potential.

We encourage diversity and gender balance, through a policy of supporting young people from underprivileged social categories, and women in an industry perceived as traditional.

Our member companies’ employees benefit from

A unique professional experience in a multinational playing a strategic role for the global economy,

The opportunity to participate in first-of-a-kind projects within a dynamic industry,

Access to professional training and mentoring programs under the guidance of railway veterans in South Eastern Europe,

Competitive salaries,

Work – life balance.


Each company in the GRAMPET Group focuses on selecting and developing the right people.

Check our external and internal job openings and contact us, if you fit the profile. Looking forward for to working with you!


It’s never too early to start your career. Apply for an internship opening and find out if a railway career is cut out for you.


The GRAMPET Group inspires new generations by promoting the benefits of a railway career, with the support of professional training centres.
The objective is theoretic and practical programs dedicated to unskilled young people from underprivileged social categories and, eventually, their full-time recruitment within the Group.

The training center at REVA Simeria, certified in 2012, has already integrated 35 young people as mechanic fitter, welder, blaster and painter.

The project was extended to another GRAMPET Group company, with 30 people being trained as locomotives mechanics.
In March 2017, we launched the “Women as locomotives mechanics: equal chances in railway careers” program, dedicated to the training and hiring of women in mechanics positions. The first graduates have already been hired.

GRAMPET Group rolls out human resources-dedicated projects every year. For details, send us an email at