Rail freight operators

Romanian experience and innovation, regional footprint.

Rail freight operators

Our rail freight operators deliver commodities essential for global economic growth, in a safe, efficient and competitive manner.

Our annual volume transport amounts to approximately 22 million tonnes, 20% at the European level. We manage a park of approximately 20,000 wagons and 400 locomotives.
We are strategic partners of key industries such as Oil & Gas, Mining, Construction, Agribusiness and Auto industries.

Grup Feroviar Român

The largest private rail operator in Romania, has been providing transport services at a national level since 2002 and international (2006), as well as related services.

It has agreements with sister-companies in the group, as well as with state-owned and private rail operators in Hungary, Bulgaria, Moldova Republic, Serbia, Slovakia, Croatia, Austria, Germany, and Greece.


Bulgarian Railway Company

Bulgarian Railway Company performs rail freight transport activities locally, internationally and by transit via Bulgaria, as well as other activities specific to rail freight transport.


Train Hungary

Train Hungary, member of Grampet Group, provides railway freight transport and forwarding services on the entire Hungarian territory.

Train Hungary successfully meets all freight transport requirements, whether conventional or combined traffic, domestic or transit traffic.


Eurorail Logistics doo Serbia

Established in 2012, the operator’s core activity is domestic and international rail freight transport, as well as towing activities and industrial shunting. The company provides customized services for the client’s highest requirements, with an objective to raise efficiency and reduce costs.


Grampetcargo Austria GmBH

Established in 2012, Grampetcargo Austria GmBH provides clients with complete solutions in rail logistics and customized advisory. The company’s drive is to constantly improve speediness and quality of decisions made in the clients’ interest.



A company of the GRAMPET Group, it mainly specializes in shunting operations, as well as the sale of rolling stock spare parts.