Logistics services

Experienţă şi inovaţie românească, amprentă regională.

Logistics services

We provide clients with logistics expertise and complex solutions for the most efficient supply chain management.
We lease modern locomotives and wagons for any type of freight transport outside Romania, especially in Central and South-Eastern Europe.
We work with the main players in the industry, expedition houses and authorized rail freight operators in the region.

Rolling Stock Company

The company’s activity is wagon and locomotive leasing for various types of transports in Central and South-Eastern Europe. It works with several railway companies, forwarding companies and authorized operators of freight rail transport in the region.


Eurorail Logistics Germany

The operator develops customized, optimized and environmentally friendly logistics concepts for freight transport in Europe and the Commonwealth of Independent States region.


Eurorail Company Moldova

Freight forwarding company in the Moldova Republic that provides transports solutions to clients across the CSI space.


Eurorail Ukraine

Ukraine-based freight forwarding company that provides transports solutions to clients across the CSI space.


Grampet Group has built the industrial center for washing and checking tankers used in the transport and supply of oils and dry goods, on the industrial platform of Ploiești, in the limits of the industrial park Brazi. At the same time, they have developed a similar station for railcars used for transport.

Grampet Logistics

Grampet Logistics develops and implements complex freight expedition models, integrated into the logistics chains of various transport systems and auxiliary services. Services are designed to relief clients of the burdening tasks not related to their core activities.